Hi, I'm Nigel Breslaw

App Developer / UX Designer

I'm a cross platform app developer and designer based in Oulu with 25-years commercial experience.

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About me

With 25 years of commercial experience, I specialise in creating applications that captivate millions of users. My journey combines a rich background in UX design with cutting-edge cross-platform software development skills. Hands-on development is my true calling, and as an introvert who loves to code, I won’t stop talking about the latest technological innovations.

What I can do?

I deliver. Be it design concepts or commercial shipping projects. I'm a great team player and communicator. Unless my code is broken, then best leave me alone.

I'm all about bringing a human touch to technology. Apps should be performant, easy to use and delight. Accessibility, motion design, custom interactions and more are a hallmark of projects I have touched.

Mobile and Web App Development

Be it mobile apps running on millions of phones, or internal web apps. I've been there and smelt the coffee. A lot of coffee.'

DX DevOps and Productivity Engineering

Great apps need a great developer environment. To ensure fast iteration I've hand crafted various projects tool selection and CI. I love automating away boring tasks.

UI/UX Design

My background is in UI and UX design. But these days I like to focus on developing the apps and using my experience to be a great partner with any UX team.

Rapid Prototyping

Suffering with a low fidelity prototype? I just build ideas in React Native and evolve them from concept to production.

Nigel Breslaw


A selection of my favorite projects and work experience.


[email protected]

also you can write me an email if you have any questions



Oulu, Finland